Handy Lock


Handy lock has all the benefits although the footprint is the same, the volume is greater in the lock box compartment. Slot at bottom of locking compartment for extra-long key, so that the key shank can poke out. Co branding opportunities are available with a larger area for logo please contact us more for further information.

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Secure valuables, selected keys and personal items with Handy Lock
There are times when you need a safe and secure place for your small valuables or an emergency spare set of keys, or for other items around your home, office or vehicle. Do you need to provide access to trusted others to keys when you can not be there yourself? Handy Lock is the solution!

Handy Lock is a durable, all-metal combination padlock that can be easily secured inside or outside around homes or offices, or to vehicles, caravans, boats, trucks and trailers. Handy Lock works by a secret code to provide a safe and secure place to lock away your valuables and keys while you enjoy peace of mind.

Handy Lock keeps your keys and valuables safe whilst having a night out on the town, surfing, fishing or during other such leisure activities. When not in use, Handy Lock is compact enough to keep in a vehicle storage compartment or can be stored easily in the home or office.

Handy Lock Applications

  • Handy Lock can be easily attached to a secure structure (fixed rail, pipe, pole or similar bar) around the home, office or vehicle or anywhere that you can easily and safely position a padlock.
  • Ideal if you need to leave your home, office or vehicle and do not wish to take your keys with you.
  • Handy Lock is useful when family, friends or workmates need access to your home, office, car, work vehicle, work site or maintenance shed.
Weight0.629 kg
Lock Dimensions

L185mm W70mm D35mm

Compartment Dimensions

H75mm W58mm D28mm

Inside of Shackles Dimensions

H45mm W40mm