The Ultimate Car Key Security Padlocks.

Car Key Security Padlocks

Car Key Security Padlocks by Surflock is the ideal solution to an age-old problem. It’s not safe to leave your car keys hidden somewhere on your car, wrapped up in a beach towel or under a cap. Thieves are known to scour vehicles parked at beaches looking for car keys and immobilizers that have been left unattended.


Super Easy

SurfLock can be easily secured to the tie-down on your vehicle, your roof-rack, wheel or trailer – ideal any time you need to leave your car but cannot take your car keys or immobiliser with you.

Car Key Security Padlocks


Use SurfLock when family or friends need access to your car or when several people need access to the same place. You can attach your SurfLock to sheds, gates and trailers.


SurfLock can be easily attached to different locations on your car, providing a safe and secure place to store your car keys or immobiliser while enjoying the outdoors. When not in use, the lock is small enough to be kept in the glove box of your car.

SurfLock is ideal for surfers and swimmers, people out walking and jogging, boating and fishing. Car immobilisers may be very convenient but once found by the wrong person can be easily used to enter your vehicle and steal your belongings. This is unfortunately a common occurrence at our local beaches. Don’t become a statistic. Take security seriously with SurfLock and don’t be left watching from your surfboard as someone drives off in your car!

Car Key Security Padlocks